According to the WHO, 30% of health expenditures are wasted on inefficient care and avoidable complications.

The Consortium VBHC is dedicated to the emergence of real-world data registries that measure the value of care according to standardised indicators that matter to patients.


One of the major weaknesses of health systems is that they measure treatment inputs rather than patient outcomes.

To address this, the Consortium VBHC accelerates the emergence of real-world data registries measuring patients’ health gains and Value-Based Health Care (VBHC). 

The Consortium includes public and private institutions committed to: 

High-value care

The Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) approach measures patient outcomes relative to money spent.

Patient outcomes refer to a functional recovery and quality of life composite score.


The Consortium VBHC was mandated by the European Union to publish a report in 2020 on the implementation of VBHC ecosystems.

Based on an analysis of 250 interviews of VBHC leaders across 22 EU countries, the handbook captures VBHC best practices. It offers a structured roadmap for implementation and presents case studies to help give rise to ecosystems based on high-value care. 


interviews of VBHC leaders


EU countries analyzed


visits of pioneering sites

The Consortium is participating in the VBHC cataract experiment led by PromTime, funded by the French Ministry of Health and the National payer, the Assurance Maladie.

The experiment evaluates the appropriateness and transparency of cataract surgeries performed in the Nantes and Limoges regions.

This experiment introduces two pioneering innovations (Decree published in the Journal Officiel de la République Française on July 30, 2020):


Management team

TMN_OK-23 (002)

Marie-Josée Augé-Caumon

Président of the VBHC Consortium


Jean-Pierre THIERRY

Vice-President and Secretary General of the VBHC Consortium

Scientific Advisory Board for the Cataract Registry


Prof. Béatrice Cochener

Ophtalmology Department, Brest University Hospital, President of the National Council of Ophthalmology Professionals


Dr. Vincent Dédes

Cabinet d'Ophtalmologie des Flandres, President of the Syndicat National des Ophtalmologistes de France (National Union of Ophthalmologists of France)


Dr. François Lignereux

Sourdille-Atlantique Ophthalmological Institute, President of the Scientific Council

D Monnet

Dominique Monnet

Ophtalmology department, APHP Cochin Hospital, Vice President of the SAFIR

P Rozot

Dr. Pascal Rozot

Ophtalmologist, President of the SAFIR (Society of the French Association of Implants and Refractive Surgery)


Prof. Michel Weber

Ophthalmology department, Nantes University Hospital